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The Kingdom of Glory

11/22/2020 Pastor Matthew V. Moss   

Render to God What Jesus Has Bought with His Blood

11/15/2020 Pastor Matthew V. Moss   

The Kingdom of Grace

11/8/2020 Pastor Matthew V. Moss   

The Kingdom of God is Found in the Teaching that Blesses

11/1/2020 Pastor Matthew P. Johnson  Matthew 5:1-12 

The City of God Rejoices while the World Falls apart

10/25/2020 Pastor Matthew V. Moss  Psalm 46:1-11 

The Ministry of Fighting the Good Fight

10/18/2020 Pastor Matthew V. Moss   

Jesus Christ Is the Heart of Law & Gospel

10/11/2020 Pastor Matthew V. Moss   

The Offensive Jesus Goes on the Offensive with Divine Grace and Teaching

10/4/2020 Pastor Matthew P. Johnson  Luke14:1-11 

Every Christian Funeral Ends with a Resurrection

9/27/2020 Pastor Matthew V. Moss   

God's Righteous Reign Calms Your Anxious Heart

9/20/2020 Pastor Matthew V. Moss   

Walk This Way; Talk This Way; Worship This Way

9/13/2020 Pastor Matthew P. Johnson  Proverbs 4:20-23 

Are You Really Poor?

9/6/2020 Pastor Matthew P. Johnson  Psalm 74:19b and Luke 10:27 

The Children Will Come and Sanctify the Name of the Lord

8/30/2020 Pastor Matthew Moss  Mark 7:31-37 

Only One Is Humble and He Justifies the Sinner

8/23/2020 Pastor Matthew Moss  Luke 18:9-14 

Jesus Weeps, Fights, and Teaches

8/16/2020 Pastor Matthew Moss  Luke 19:41-48 

A Sermon on Cell Phones?

8/9/2020 Pastor Mathew Moss  Luke 16:1-13 

Look, God Provides and Man Flourishes

7/26/2020 Pastor Matthew Johnson  Mark 8:6-8 

A New Kind of Righteousness with the Power to Reconcile

7/19/2020 Pastor Matthew Moss  Matthew 5:20-26 

Being Found By God in Repentance Impacts the Whole Joyful Community

6/28/2020 Pastor Matthew Johnson  Luke 15:1-10 

God's House Will Be Full

6/21/2020 Pastor Matthew Moss  Luke 14:15-24 

Stop Counting Your Dollars - Listen to the Prophets!

6/14/2020 Pastor Matthew Moss  Luke 16:19-31 

Rebuilding Society through the Kingdom of the Triune God

6/7/2020 Pastor Matthew Moss  John 3:1-17 

Taught by the Spirit to Believe & Confess the Lord Jesus Christ

5/31/2020 Pastor Matthew Moss  John 14:23-31 

You Have the Ear of the Father and of the World

5/24/2020 Pastor Matthew Johnson  John 15:26-16:1 

What Is Prayer

5/17/2020 Pastor Matthew Moss  John 16:23-33 

Was This Bride Left at the Altar? No, Hear This Bride Singing

5/10/2020 Pastor Matthew Johnson  John 16:5-8a 

I Cannot See You, but You Can See Me - The Joy of the Theology of the Cross

5/3/2020 Pastor Matthew Moss  John 16:16-22 

The Good God-Shepherd

4/26/2020 Pastor Matthew Johnson  Ez. 34:11,16; 1 Peter 2:25; John 10:14-15 

The Risen Jesus Institutes the Ministry of the Word

4/19/2020 Pastor Matthew Moss  John 20:19-31 

Who or What Are You Waiting For?

4/12/2020 Pastor Matthew Moss  Easter Sunrise 

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