Prayers for Parents

  Prayers for Parents  
These prayers were taken from the Lutheran Book of Prayer.

An Expectant Mother's Prayer

O great God and Father of all who call upon You, magnificient are Your works; I glorify Your holy name.  You are my helper; complete what You have begun in me, and keep this child safe from all harm, and daily bestow on us helath and strength.  Guide me through Your Spirit, and let me constantly mindful of my privilige and my responsibility as a mother.  At all times let me place my trust in You and Your fatherly care, knowing that from generation to generation Your mercy is upon those who lean upon You.  I commit both my child and myself to Your mercy and goodness.  Relying on Jesus, my dear Redeemer, I pray, give me calmness, patience, and quiet happiness, and make me, in good time, a joyous mother of a happy child.  In Jesus' name.  Amen

Father's Thanksgiving After Childbirth

O God, Creator of life, You have again revealed Yourself in the beautiful miracle of birth; thank You for alleviating my wife's pain and for holding Your protecting hand over her during delivery.  Thank You for Your mercy; it was Your power that preserved her, Your goodness that delivered her, Your hand that supported us both.

You have lent us this precious child for our comfort and joy; give us grace to cherish him (her).  Take us and this child into Your tender mercy, and keep us always safe with You.  defend him (her) from all dangers of body and soul, delivering him (her) safely to the waters of his (her) Baptism, where he (she) will receive the righteousness of Your Son, Jesus, and become Your beloved child; through Jesus Christ.  Amen.

At the Birth of A Child

With joy and thanksgiving we praise You out of the fullness of our grateful hearts that You have gladdened our home and life with this newborn babe.

We know that this child is a gift of Your bountiful hand.  Grant us grace and wisdom to bring up this precious soul in the knowledge and understanding of Your Word, which makes us wise unto salvation.  Watch over him (her) with Your tenderest care and continued grace until the day we bring this little one to the font of Holy Baptism.

As surely as You will endow our child with faith and strengthen him (her) in spirit, so too endow our child with a healthy body, and strengthen and preserve him (her) according to Your good and gracious will.  Grant that our child may grow in faovr with You and bring sunshine and joy into our hearts and our home.

Keep us all in Your grace, forgiving us daily our sins and filling our souls with peace.  you are our hiding place.  And now to You be praise, glory, and thanksgiving, for this precious gift, this day and forever; through Jesus Christ, who is the Friend of children and the Savior of all.  Amen.

At the Baptism of a Child

Heavenly Father, You once judged the wicked world with a flood but saved and preserved Noal and his family in the ark.  You once drowned Pharaoh and his army but delivered Your people Israel and led them through the Red Sea. When Your Son, Jesus Christ, was baptized, You set apart the Jordan River and all water to be a flood that washes away all sins.  Now look with favor upon (name), that, through Your Holy Spirit, he (she) may be blessed with true faith.  Use this saving flood of Baptism to wash away the sin that he (she) has inherited from Adam, and separate him (her) from the number of unbelievers.  Preserve him (her) dry and secure in the holy ark of Your Christian Church, and make him (her) fervent in spirit and joyful in hope as he (she) walks through the wilderness of this life trusting in Your flood of forgiveness.  Make (name) worthy to attain eternal life and keep him (her) watchful for Your Son's return, when He will bring all belivers to His eternal promised land.  In Your holy name I pray.  Amen.

For Parents

Lord Jesus, when parents brought their children to You so that You could touch them and bless them, You said, "Let the little children come to Me" (Matthew 19:14).  I thank You for giving (name) to me to raise according to Your Word and for bringing him (her) to Yourself through the waters of Holy Baptism.  Thank You for forgiving all of his (her) sins, for rescuing him (her) from death and the devil, and for giving him (her) eternal life as You promise in Your Word.  I thank You for touching my son (daughter) through the washing of water and Your Word.  Please bless me, and give me wisdom to teach (name) Your Word of truth and life, and help him (her) to learn the joys of Your forgiveness.  Help him (her) to learn the Ten Commandments, the Apostles' Creed, and the Lord's Prayer.  When I bring (name) to Your house, help him (her) to learn how much You love him (her), and help (name) to love and worship You, Your heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit.  Please strengthen the faith of (name), and bring him (her) one day to Your Table, where he (she) will eat and drink Your body and blood in Communion and receive Your forgiveness, life, and salvation.  Amen.

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