Volunteer to Teach Sunday School

  Volunteer to Teach Sunday School  
    What volunteer positions are available?
  • We are always in need of volunteers to help maintain our Sunday school program.  Below are the available positions that currently need filling:
    How long are the volunteer terms?
  • Each volunteer term is for a period of only four weeks.
    What happens if I have to miss a Sunday or two during my volunteer term?
  • If you have to miss during your volunteer term all you have to do is notify the person in charge as much in advance as possible and they will arrange for a substitute to teach in your absence.
    I would like to be a substitute teacher.
  • If you would like to teach but can't commit to a full term, please consider being added to our list of substitute teachers.  Substitute teachers are called upon to teach in the absence of the regular teacher.  As a substitute teacher you will be given as much advance notice of our need for you as possible, sometimes that is a month or more in advance, a week, or even the day of.  

    If you are interested in being a substitute Sunday school teacher please contact the church at 763-420-2426.
    Is there a lot of prep work that I must do before teaching each Sunday?
  • No!  Our Sunday school program utilizes the Workshop Rotation Model for grades K-5, which means that all you have to do is prepare one lesson using our simple curriculum.  You will then teach that same lesson each week to a different group of students.  In other words, prepare one lesson and you're done!

    If you decide to volunteer as the pre-kindergarten teacher then there is really no prep work at all.  Our pre-k hour follows a very simple outline, beginning with a prayer, followed by a little chit chat with the children.  You will then read a short Bible story book to the children, ask them some questions about what they've just heard, and then lead them in a easy craft.  To close the hour you'll have the children clean up and then lead them in a closing prayer.  Everything you need, including the prayers, discussion questions, and even a sample craft are provided for you.  It couldn't be easier than this!

    I want to volunteer, but I know nothing about teaching.
  • First of all, don't worry!  You don't have to have a teaching license to teach a Sunday school class.  Instead, all you need is a love for the Lord and for His children.  If you have this, you are good to go.

    Plus, if you choose to lead one of the workshops in our K-5th grade program then you get to choose an area that most sparks your interest.  Say you have a knack for crafts, then lead the craft workshop. Perhaps you have a flair for the dramatic, then the storytelling workhsop is perfect for you.  Or maybe you love anything that has to do with food...if so, try the snack workshop.  Whatever you choose rest assured that your love for that particular medium will shine through to the children and will only further excite them.  

    Still a bit nervous because you don't know the Bible backwards and forwards?  Again, don't worry!  Our easy-to-use curriculum tells you what to read in your Bible to familiarize yourself with the Bible story.  It also provides discussion questions with answers for each lesson. 
    Do I have to attend weekly or monthly meetings to be a Sunday school teacher?
  • No, there are no meetings to attend to be a Sunday school teacher.  We know that you are busy enough as it is, and we don't want to add to that.  
    I would like to teach, but what do I do with my infant/toddler?
  • If you would like to volunteer but feel you can't because you have an infant or toddler, consider using our nursery, which is available every Sunday during the Sunday school hour.
    I have a question that wasn't answered here. Where do I go for help?
  • Please contact the Church at 763-420-2426.