The Sr. youth group consists of all members in grades 9-12; the Jr. youth group consists of all 6th-8th grade members. Both groups are governed and supervised by Pastor Steven Briel and Pastor Matthew Johnson, as well as the Board of Parish Education and Youth.

The purpose of the Jr. and Sr. youth groups of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church is to provide opportunities for the youth to grow not only in their knowledge and love of Jesus Christ, our Savior, but in their service to Him by serving others. Also key to both groups is the practice of equipping the youth with the knowledge and support needed to remain solid in the faith and Word by aiding them in developing positive personal devotional habits, and encouraging them to attend worship services and partake of Holy Communion regularly; fellowship among one another is also emphasized, with ample opportunities for fun and games provided.



“Confirmation is a public rite of the church preceded by a period of instruction designed to help baptized Christians identify with the life and mission of the Christian community….Prior to admission to the Lord’s Supper, it is necessary to be instructed in the Christian faith (1 Cor. 11:28).  The rite of confirmation provides an opportunity for the individual Christian, relying on God’s promises given in Holy Baptism, to make a personal public confession of the faith and lifelong pledge of fidelity to Christ.[Luther's Small Catechism with Explanation (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1991), 245].